The New & Different Method For Flushing Out Toenail Fungus At Its Source... Guaranteed!


The New & Different Method For Flushing Out Toenail Fungus At Its Source... Guaranteed!

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Try Crystal Flush for 180 Days Absolutely
The Only 2-Step System To Kill Fungus and Reverse Damaged Nails
  • KILLS TRUE ROOT CAUSE OF FUNGUS Kills fungus at the root & prevents it from returning.
  • FDA-REGISTERED OTC Active ingredient proven in dozens of scientific studies to quickly eradicate fungus and restore healthy toes.
  • NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDED Safe, side-effect free & backed by science.
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Why Do We Really Get Nail Fungus?
There isn’t just one cause... 

there are actually two!

Scientists recently discovered the root cause of nail infections is both internal and external. 

The most common external cause of toenail fungus is dermatophyte (a pesky infection that gets caught underneath the gaps of nails and the edges of your skin). This type of fungus actually eats away at the nail, leaving your nails cracked and crumbling. 

The most common internal cause comes from candida albicans overgrowth.

See, candida is a type of fungus that lives inside every 3 out of 4 people. 

Usually, it’s not a problem. However, as we get older, the infection can overgrow and lead to an ugly, frustrating problem that never seems to go away: toenail fungus. 

Scientists have recently discovered that to restore healthy nails, you need to target both the internal and external causes of your fungal infections. 

Until now, no other treatment has worked on both simultaneously.

However, with our unique 2-step Crystal Flush system, you can finally target both the internal and external, clearing up your nail fungus once and for all.
Never Worry About Having To Cover Up Your Cracked, Crumbling, & Yellow Toenails Again
In as little as 30 days, Crystal Flush helps restore the healthy and strong toenails of your youth. By eradicating the fungal infections lurking in your nail bed, it flushes fungus from your body – fast and permanently – no matter how damaged your nails are.

Doctor Endorsed!

Dr. Mandira-Mehra-MD

“Crystal Flush is a game-changer and my #1 recommendation for getting rid of your fungus fast."

"If you’ve been dealing with toe fungus you know how difficult and frustrating it is to treat. Drugstore brands and prescription drugs can take several months and get dismal results, and some even come with some very unpleasant side effects. 

Crystal Flush is a multi-step regimen consisting of both natural and science-backed ingredients. It targets the COMPLETE root causes of fungus – both the internal and external factors. But the key is to start treatment today before it spreads and gets much, much worse.  

I’ve read the science and witnessed the impressive success stories. Crystal Flush is safe, effective, and I’m confident you’ll love the results.”

Dr. Mandira Mehra, M.D.

Double Board-Certified Physician
Dr. Mandira-Mehra-MD
Rated 5-Stars By Thousands

Read How Crystal Flush Has Helped So Many!

I can finally wear sandals again
I can’t believe this worked! For the past 4 years I’ve had disgusting yellow and thick nails on both of my big toes and it was incredibly embarrassing. I was always trying to cover up with heavy polish. Crystal Flush worked like magic. Now I can finally wear sandals again.

 - Leslie H. Austin, TX - VERIFIED BUYER

Fungus GONE! Thank you.

I had a nasty fungus on my big toe that wouldn’t go away for almost a year. After about 15 days of the Crystal Flush I noticed the yellow started to thin out quite a bit so I knew it was working. Then after about 7 weeks my fungus was in fact GONE! Thank you.

- Gregory G. Los Angeles, CA


Looks so much better after just a few weeks!

Ordered the product for my husband who has bad fungus. He’s used everything out there and nothing ever worked. His two infected toes look so much better after just a few weeks. He loves the results. Great product!

- Sharon M. Tampa, FL


My toes haven't looked this good in over 20 years

I’ve tried everything at the drugstore and nothing was working. After just 30 days of Crystal Flush my toes have turned clear and the fungus has seemed to disappear. My toes haven’t looked this great in over 20 years.

- Richard S. Phoenix, AZ


How Our Unique 2-Step Fungal Flush System Works
Unlike other products, Crystal Flush targets both the internal and external cause of your cracked, crumbling, and yellow toenails. Our proprietary 2-Step Fungal Flush system helps to eliminate embarrassing fungal infections and prevents them from returning – even in the heat of summer.
Step 1:

The Antifungal Serum

This powerful topical flushes fungus out at the source. Containing one of the most potent, FDA-approved antifungal agents on the planet, this compound penetrates the nail bed and gets to the root of your fungal infection, deep within the toe. 

Proven to help destroy the underlying cause of your nail fungus, it quickly eliminates cracked and crumbling toenails, restoring the strong, youthful nails of your youth.

Step 2:

Crystal Flush Balance

The symptoms of fungal infections show themselves externally through cracked, crumbling toenails. However, research has proven the true, root cause of fungal infections starts internally, deep inside your gut. 

That’s why, in order to eradicate fungus and prevent it from returning, you need Crystal Flush Balance. Studies have shown this blend of 13 all-natural ingredients helps balance the ecosystem in your gut – preventing fungal overgrowth and killing the infection lurking deep in your system.

Quick and Easy to Use
The Crystal Flush System is a quick and easy routine that works fast. 

Simply take the capsules in the morning and apply the Antifungal Serum twice per day. And, in as little as 30 days, you can transform ugly, cracked, embarrassing nails into beautiful, pink ones, even when all else has failed and even in the heat of summer. 

Stop being humiliated by cracked, crumbling nails… try Crystal Flush today, risk-free.

Powerful, Natural & Science-Backed Ingredients
Unlike dangerous drugs or painful medical procedures, the Crystal Flush System is side-effect free. What’s more, it’s proven to target the true root cause of nail fungus (a fungal infection happening deep within your body). The Crystal Flush System gives you a peace of mind, ending your battle with ugly, brittle nails for good.
Tolnaftate 1%
FDA-approved antifungal agent eliminates the root cause of fungus. Maximum strength 1% concentration.
Tea Tree Oil
A widely used essential oil from the melaleuca tree, known for it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Citronella Oil

Also known as lemongrass, this widely used essential oil is known as a natural fungicide.

Lavender Oil

Essential oil with effective anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, while also exhibiting nail-soothing benefits.

Caprylic Acid

Found in coconut oil, this acid has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of a fungus infection lurking deep within the gut.

Protease & Cellulase

Both of these naturally occurring digestive enzymes help fight fungus. Cellulase is thought to help digest the cellular walls of candida, while Protease is believed to help remove the protein inside the fungal cell.
Black Walnut
Shown in clinical studies to improve gut health by increasing “good” bacteria and decreasing “bad” bacteria.


The active compound in oregano has been reported to kill bad bacteria in the gut, one of the leading causes of stubborn fungal infections.
Give Fungus The One-Two Punch
In as little as 30 days, you can turn ugly, cracked, embarrassing nails into healthy, beautiful, pink ones — without ever having to worry about covering them up!
Unique 2-Step System

Kill fungus inside out
FDA-Registered OTC
Goes deep and kills fungus at the source
Fast Results
Beautiful, healthy nails in 30-days or less!
If in the next 180 days if your nails aren’t healthy, beautiful and fungus-free or, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your purchase in ANY way... simply return the empty bottle for a full and courteous refund (minus the shipping cost). No questions asked.
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Hassle-Free Returns
Delivered Safely to Your Door

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Risk-FREE, Fungal-Free Solution Awaits


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Our mission is to help you fall in love with your toenails through the most advanced and powerful solution available on the market today. But if you’re not 100% satisfied with your Crystal Flush® purchase, simply call us or email customer service, and we’ll give you a complete hassle-free refund. No questions asked!
4.7 Average
Carl M.

Miami, FL 

Verified Buyer

18 Days And Fungus Is Almost Totally Gone 

This product is fabulous! I’ve been using for 18 days and fungus is almost totally gone. Everything else I’ve tried never worked. One product even made the fungus worse. Thank you for a great product and excellent customer service.

Timothy M.

Medford, OR

Verified Buyer

Be Patient And You’ll Get Results 

Product is working. You must follow the directions and use daily, I guess like anything else. Nails grow back slowly but you need to be patient and you’ll get the results. Just try it.

Rosmarie B.

Madison, WI

Verified Buyer

Better Than All The Stuff I’ve Used In The Past 

Been using since April. It’s fantastic! Crystal Flush is better than all the stuff I’ve used in the past and the gel doesn’t smell so bad. Placing another order and looking forward to be totally cleared of fungus.

Dzovinar S.

Plano, TX

Verified Buyer

2.5 Months In And 80% Of The Fungus Is Gone! 

I am about two and half months since starting with Crystal Flush and seeing dramatic improvement. Just about 80% of the fungus is gone. Great product.

Nelly T.

Los Angeles, CA

Verified Buyer

After Two Weeks I Saw Improvement 

After reading a bunch of reviews I decided to give Crystal Flush a try. Wow, I’m glad I did. After two weeks I saw improvement and knew that this was going to be the answer. Looking forward to being ready for the beach next month. I’m excited for my toes!

Sheryl S.

Studio City, CA

Verified Buyer

Works Better Than Laser Treatment 

My doctor has recommended a few things that never really got results. Even laser treatment was ineffective. I’ve also tried a bunch of home remedies I found on the Internet. Out of desperation I thought I’d give Crystal Flush a try. I’m so happy with the results after just a short period of time. I highly recommend giving this a try.

George B.

Northridge, CA

Verified Buyer

Fantastic Results! 

So sick and tired of all the junk fungus products. I was skeptical but glad I tried this. Fantastic results. Crystal Flush is a great remedy for anyone who suffers from this annoying problem.

Barry H.

Philadelphia, PA

Verified Buyer

Seeing An Improvement For The First Time In 30 Years 

For the past 30 years my job requires me to be on my feet. Not sure if this is why I have this fungus, but nothing has ever helped. This really seems to be working. For the first time I’m seeing an noticeable improvement. I’ll update after another month. Thank you.

William S.

Reno, NV

Verified Buyer

After The Third Month It’s 99% Clear 

Tried some expensive treatments from my doctor, without much success. I ordered after seeing the commercial even though I was skeptical. In about 2 weeks I saw some results. After the third month it’s 99% clear. Well worth the money, the bottle actually lasts a while.

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